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Eliminate Misbehaviors & Power Struggles With Positive Parenting Solutions That Foster Respect, Cooperation, Love, And Peace

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Are you at your wits end? Do you sometimes feel like you are not cut out to be a good parent?

Are you constantly refereeing your children’s fights and conflicts with each other?

Do you find yourself shouting at or threatening your children to cooperate with the simplest of rules or requests?

Have timeouts, reward tokens, bribes, withdrawal of privileges, punishment, spanks only work temporarily?

Have no idea how to discipline your child effectively?

You have become resentful and dislike interacting with your children. You have parenting questions that you are afraid to bring up for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or ridiculed.

It has gotten bad to the point that sometimes you do not like your own children, and you feel like you are about to lose your mind.


Does any of this sounds familiar?

You know it is possible to have a family that does not have misbehaving children, power struggles, and conflict. Still, you are unable to find the right strategies to create that peaceful home environment.

You want to raise children who are cooperative, independent, resilient, confident, and respectful and can navigate the world without you having to worry about them.

You want to be proud of your children’s behavior at school and other public spaces, but now you are embarrassed by the whispers and stares as your children misbehave.

You are ready to transform your family life into one that makes you proud. You are prepared to learn strategies and tools that build a strong relationship with your children and, at the same time, instill cooperation, respect, and harmony.

If any of these statements have you thinking,

“How did she get inside my head?”

Then keep reading.

You are in the right place.


You CAN get the family life you desire. It is possible to have cooperative and well-behaved children

Constantly feeling guilty about your ability to parent with consistency and confidence?

I hear you!

You've purchased and read tons of parenting books, trying to find all kinds of parenting tools and strategies that work: Still, the more you read, the more you feel overwhelmed and confused about which methods you should use consistently.

You've joined tons of parenting groups to learn from other parents about what to do to discipline your children, but each group has a different parenting philosophy, that leaves you wondering which works best for your family life.

All the YouTube videos you watched have not helped you make the changes you need to make the interactions with your children conflict-free.


Worse yet, you feel like you’re failing as a parent!

You’re looking for a parenting class that will provide you with parenting tools and strategies that actually work!

You wish there were a space you could join where you’re not ashamed about your parenting missteps or feel judged.


Imagine what it will feel like when you’re finally able to transform your family environment into what you’ve always desired.

Imagine being able to parent without screams, threats, and bribes.

Imagine having children who listen and are cooperative without you having to nag or remind them multiple times.

Imagine gaining the confidence to parent consistently with kindness and firmness.

Imagine actually enjoying
the parenting journey no matter the stage of your children’s development.


It’s time to create the family life you desire!

The Thrive Parenting Course is a 7- module parenting class specifically designed to help YOU parent your children from a place of connectedness, kindness, mutual respect, and clear, consistent boundaries with effective long-term parenting tools.

If you are searching for a parenting class filled with the latest scientifically proven effective parenting strategies, and tools that you can easily implement into your family right away, this class is for you.

I created Thrive Parenting Course after struggling with parenting my then-toddler with ease and grace

I wanted to share the methods that I learned that completely transformed my relationship with my son. And as a scientist that specializes in parent-child relationship research, I wanted to translate research from neuroscience, developmental psychology into relatable strategies for all parents can understand.

YOU shouldn’t have to struggle with parenting and disciplining your children. You shouldn’t have to question whether you are making the right decisions regarding addressing their behaviors.

What Parents Are Saying

"Dr. Burke is very passionate about offering advice in relation to raising children & parenting advice. After listening to her videos and reading some of her pointers, I feel empowered to do my utmost best in raising my sons and leveraging my work family life". Janet C.

"You must know that among the many seminars that I have visited, your one was and continues to be one of the most valuable for my family journey: transformative up to these days. So, I just wanted to take the chance and express my gratitude not only silently deep in my heart as so often but also allow it to reach you. Thanks, and thanks again". Olga A.

"Taniesha is the perfect mix: sound scientific based foundation with experience as a parent herself. Family meeting is becoming a core tool for us. I am more happy with my interactions and reactions to my kids". Frederik F.

"I feel that I’m starting to diffuse situations which would normally lead to screaming or crying. I’m taking some time before responding and I’m listening more. The kids are also helping more around the house, and we’ve been having a lot of meaningful discussions. I feel like there has been a shift in my state of mind for the better. Parenting is hard and not connecting with your children makes it harder and more stressful. I appreciate being given some tools to make this journey a better one for all of us". Marielle P

"The workshop was extremely useful to better understand the dynamics of the parent-child relationship and provided useful tools to shift certain aspects at home. Learning and practicing new tools has become very helpful at home with our children. This is an incredibly useful and fulfilling approach to parenting that every mom and dad should be aware of early in their parenthood career". Andrea F.

"It has been an illuminating exploration of self-awareness with immediate benefits – I feel I have been given real tools, learned new parenting (and life) skills and received invaluable advice to help me really see how to reverse and/or improve on habits and negative patterns to the benefit of all family members. Taniesha is so honest, patient, knowledgeable and insightful – it’s been a true education"!!! Sarah-Jane B.

Hi, I am Dr. Taniesha Burke

It’s my passion to support parents as they pursue their goals to transform themselves and their relationships they have with their children. Change is never easy, especially when it involves those we love.

As a parent of a teen and a toddler, I’ve had my fair share of parenting problems. So I know the struggles and challenges of raising a disciplined child and remaining grounded as an adult.

I originally started my journey to understanding parent-child relationships as a researcher. I wanted to know all aspects of parenting that resulted in healthy relationships, and happy, confident, resilient children regardless of culture.

The academic life was rewarding but not filling. For me, something was missing. I was uncomfortable that my research and most of the latest research findings in neuroscience, psychology, and child development were hidden behind paywall journals. For me, it was important to have the information translated and readily available to those who needed it the most - the parents.

I transitioned from working in the academy full-time to working directly with parents. Of course, I always enjoy seeing my studies published in journals. Still, it does not compare to the fulfilment and a sense of purpose that I have found working with parents and their children.

Receiving messages from parents about how their relationship with their children and even their spouse improved and sometimes transformed confirms that all families deserve to have the family life they desire. Some can create it on their own, while others need a helping hand.

I am committed to helping parents enjoy their parenting journey as they learn to confidently raise their children to be human beings to positively impact this world.

For me, the future begins with the family. If we can raise trauma-free, loving, respectful, kind, and competent children, we can transform the world for the better.

What’s inside The Thrive Parenting Course??

Pre-Recorded Training | Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions | Private Coaching | Resources | Accountability

During this course, you will learn:
• How to become a better parent
• Your parenting style and how it influences your interactions with your children
• Child development and its effects on child behavior
• How to use positive parenting strategies to discipline children
• Why children misbehave and how to cultivate good behavior
• How to build a healthy longstanding relationship with your children
• The effects of punishment and rewards
• The effects of permissive and punitive discipline strategies
• How to be kind and firm during discipline interactions
• How to create solutions with your children that are mutually respectful

Here’s how the course works

Module 1: Setting the Foundation

In this module, we introduce parents to the science behind misbehaviors. Parents complete parenting style assessments and determine how their parenting affects their relationship with their children. Parents explore the challenging behaviors they encounter with their children, their distorted view of their children, and the desired behaviors they want their children to exhibit.

Module 2: Emotional Regulation

Parents learn the latest neuroscience research about emotional regulation and why their children find it difficult to regulate their emotions. Parents learn how they can teach their children self-regulatory skills and how effectively to respond to their children's anger. Also, parents review how birth order affects temperament and relationship dynamics between parent and children and between siblings.

Module 3: Understanding Misbehaviour

In this module, learn critical developmental milestones in children. They also explore the meaning and purpose behind children's misbehaviors. Parents learn various parenting tools to respond to their children's misbehaviors effectively. Parents also learn how to manage sibling rivalry and encourage their children healthily.

Module 4: Empowering Children to be Confident, Capable, and Independent

Parents learn tools to encourage and nurture their children's confidence ad capabilities. They learn how parents discourage children. And they explore how to recover from mistakes and maintain a healthy connection with their children.

Module 5: When Praise Goes Wrong

In this module, we explore the latest science about praising children, what healthy and unhealthy praise looks like, and how to nurture and encourage the strengths in their children.

Module 6: The Role We Play in the Relationship

In this module, parents examine how their response to stress and their temperament affect how they respond to and discipline their children. In addition, parents receive strategies for letting go and allowing their children's autonomy to flourish.

Module 7: Collaborative Techniques to Improve Relationships

In this module, parents learn collaborative parenting solutions that create harmony in the family. They learn how to foster family negotiation skills, nurture their children's problem-solving skills, handle back talks, and establish mutual agreements.

Important: All modules include pre-recorded group training with a live audience, downloadable practice scripts, and worksheets for reinforcement and reflection.

Additional Resource: Question and Answer Audios

These pre-recorded Q & A sessions cover misbehaviors, emotional blackmail, friendships, sexuality, dinner, and bedtime struggles.

Discounts for future programs

Participants will receive discounts on upcoming courses, summits, workshops, and other parenting programs

Bonus Material from Experts

In addition to everything inside the course, you'll get access to our bonus pre-recorded interviews from world renown parenting experts and a pre-recorded webinar training. Topics include:

  • Overcoming Bullying
  • Helping children manage stress
  • Helping children with anxiety and solving sleep issues
  • Managing tech addiction
  • Skills children need to thrive academically
  • Importance of the father-child relationship

This course may benefit your children as they will:

  • Become more self-sufficient, socially responsible, and confident
  • Resolve sibling conflicts without fights
  • Develop good decision-making skills
  • Learn to take initiative
  • Become more cooperative and open to working as a team

Who Benefits From This Course

  • Parents expecting or having children of any age, from toddler to teens
  • Step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and babysitters,
  • Teachers, counselors, nurses, social workers, or anyone who relates to children


Why endure another month of stress and frustration when you could begin to transform your family life?

If you join us today, you will:

Reduce arguing, shouting, threatening, and scolding

Increase your confidence in your parenting skills

Effectively use parenting tools that support authentic long-term behavior change

Develop a consist healthy long-term relationship with your children

Learn to manage personal stress to increase parenting effectiveness

If you wait, you’ll still feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed as your children’s behavior becomes worse and your home environment continue to be too much for you to bear.


A month from now you’ll wish you joined us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and can I start after this date?
The course is a pre-recorded self-pace course, so you can start at anytime.
How much time do I have to devote to the course?
You may commit to approximately three hours for each module per week.
Will this course work if my partner is not interested in participating?
No need to worry! Parents often do not agree with parenting decisions. The positive parenting solutions you learn in this course will transform your relationship with your children in a positive way. The change may inspire your spouse to try some or all the strategies you have learned.
Will this course work if my partner and I are separated or divorced?
Yes, the course will still work. Many parents who are no longer together have taken the course separately and have seen the benefits. If you are doing the course alone, you will see the benefits in your relationship with your children. You will be equipped with the tools to help you with the transitions because of the separation or divorce.
What is the age range for the course?
The course is suited for parents with children between 2 and 16 years old. The age range might seem large, but many families with children within the age range have benefitted from the content.
Is the course right for me?
If you are frustrated, demotivated, unhappy or feeling hopeless about your parenting skills then this course is definitely for you. To get the most out of the course you may join the Standard or Premium levels as you will have lifetime access. If you select premium level, you will receive private coaching in addition to access to the group training, and Q&A sessions.
How does the private coaching call work?
Once you are a Premium member, you will receive an access link to Zoom (teleconference program) and you confirm a mutually available time with Dr. Burke for your consultation.
Will Dr. Burke provide advice in the private Facebook group?
Absolutely, she will go live based on the needs of members to help them problem solve challenges and to provide information of the latest research on parenting and child development.
Is it possible to upgrade to another plan?
Absolutely! Make a request to [email protected]
Does the course fee include tax?
The course fees do not include taxes (VAT).
What payment method do you accept?
We accept PayPal and other major credit cards
Is my purchase safe?
YES! We use the best encryption technology in the industry today.
If I choose a payment plan, will I immediately have access to the course?
Yes, you will have immediate access. The payment plan is provided for your convenience.
Are there refunds?
No refunds are available
How can I contact Dr. Burke if I have questions?
You can contact Dr. Burke at [email protected]
Can I gift the course to a parent?
Yes, you can gift this course to another parent. Contact Dr. Burke at [email protected] to make arrangements.